Vision & Mission

Building Non-Profit Sustainability


Ethical and professional fundraising practices are embraced by all non-profit organisations


To be recognised as a professional body representing fundraising practitioners which promotes and encourages high standards of ethics, practice and public service in Southern Africa.


  • To improve skills in fundraising for charitable educational and ecclesiastical purposes
  • To promote establish and maintain high standards of ethics and practice among persons and organisations engaged in the raising of funds
  • To encourage friendship and co-operation among members of the Institute,
  • To provide means of serving the interests of members of the Institute in all matters pertaining to the profession of fundraising
  • To promote meetings, conferences and conventions whose deliberations may be of benefit to the members of the Institute and to nonprofit organisations
  • To promote, sponsor and encourage research, education and training in the field of fundraising and nonprofit sector sustainability.
  • To promote any legislation and to enter into any negotiation or arrangement with any government or other authorities in connection with fundraising.


  • Mentoring and Nurturing of our members and the non-profit sector
  • Professional, ethical and accountable to members and the public
  • Honest and transparent in our actions and deeds
  • Collaborative in association with other networks, associations and groups
  • Diversity in leadership and membership