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Welcome to SAIF

Fundraising - A noble profession raising the spirit of humanity in Africa

As the non-profit sector expands in southern Africa, we, as persons tasked with the mobilisation of resources for good causes, often feel alone and totally responsible for ensuring sustainability of our organisations. Frequently, underpaid and invariably unappreciated, fundraisers are among the most important people in the economic fabric of a country’s development, they are charged with fostering the spirit of humanitarianism, ubuntu.

The Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising (SAIF) was formed nearly 30 years ago to unite those dedicated to raising funds and to give them a single voice. A voice that will fight for their professional recognition, challenge issues that affect the fundraising environment, and protect the highest ethical and professional standards established in the world.

SAIF isthe only body upholding fundraising ethics and codes of best practice in southern Africa.  We are privileged to instil into newcomers and restore faith of experienced members the values of honesty, respect, integrity, empathy and transparency.

All members willingly comply with the SAIF code of professional ethics and adhere to the International Statement of Ethical Principles in Fundraising, of which SAIF is a co-signatory. These principles foster the growth of a worldwide fundraising community.

We are a member-based, non-profit organisation and our volunteer leaders provide oversight and fiduciary duty in accordance with our own Constitution and the Non Profit Organisations Act 1997. SAIF does not undertake fundraising on behalf of other bodies nor is it a grant-making organisation. 

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