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Welcome to SAIF

Fundraising - A noble profession raising the spirit of humanity in Africa

The Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising is a professional association of individuals who are responsible for generating resources that will advance sustainability of good causes and various non-profit organisations.

The Institute aims to promote and encourage high standards of ethics, practice and public service and has encouraged growth and professionalism of individual fundraisers and social entrepreneurs for more than 25 years.

As a professional body SAIF is a voice for its members and challenges issues affecting the funding environment and strives to instill values of honesty, respect, integrity, empathy and transparency.

SAIF is the only body upholding fundraising ethics and codes of best practice in Southern Africa.

Our members must comply with the SAIF code of professional ethics and adhere to the International Statement of Ethical Principles in Fundraising, of which SAIF is a co-signatory. This is a statement that fosters the growth of a worldwide fundraising community dedicated to accountability, transparency and effectiveness.

SAIF places its future vision on building the skills and competencies of its members by creating positive experiences and opportunities to grow in confidence to meet challenges of sustainability.

As a member-based non-profit organisation our volunteer leaders provide oversight and fiduciary duty in accordance with our own Constitution and the Non Profit Organisations Act 1997. SAIF does not undertake fundraising on behalf of organisations nor is it a grantmaking organisation.

Members benefit from access to best practice guidelines, newsletters, seminars, forums, workshops and friendship at branch events. Join SAIF and be recognized as a professional by your colleagues and the donor community.

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