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Jill Ritchie receives SAIF fellowship award

jill ritchie

Sarah Scarth (left), Jill Ritchie (right)

Sarah Scarth (Western Cape branch committee SAIF) nominated Jill Ritchie to be awarded as a SAIF Fellow. Jill served on the Western Cape Committee as Chairperson, Vice President of SAIF (2005-2006), Programme chairperson of two conventions and a trainer/facilitator for more than 4 years of SAIF Education and Training (she was a director of the SAIF E&T S21 company), and a publisher of 27 books on the art of raising funds and a consultant to numerous NPOs.

Fellowship nomination criteria:

A regular member may be elected as a Fellow at an Annual Meeting or at a Special Meeting of the Institute. The designation of Fellow shall be recommended by the Council only in respect of a person who has had not less than five years’ experience in the fundraising profession and who in the opinion of the Council has rendered distinguished service in or to the profession.

If the number of Fellows at any time equals or exceeds the number which is ten per cent of the total number of regular members no additional Fellows shall be elected until the number of existing Fellows is less than the number which is ten per cent of the total number of regular members.

A nomination of a member for election as a Fellow shall be in a form prescribed by the Council. Upon receipt of any such nomination the Secretary shall forward a copy of the nomination to each members of the Council and the decision whether or not to recommend such nominee for designation as a Fellow by election shall be made at the next Council meeting.

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