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The ApexHi Charitable Trust Phase 1 application is now open

ApexHi Charitable Trust invests money gained from an established endowment fund into reputable projects and non-profit organisations in the fields of early childhood development, school leadership and teacher development, and community strengthening.
ApexHi Charitable Trust is committed to supporting development initiatives that are directed towards the alleviation of poverty and the development of communities in South Africa. The Trust seeks to invest in innovative, high-risk, community-based organisations and/or projects in each of its three focus areas.

Discovery South Africa Maternal and Child Health Programme – Applications open

Applications for funding are currently open for the Discovery South Africa Maternal and Child Health Programme.
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MyOxfam app offers flexibility and control

In an increasingly pressurised fundraising environment it’s great to see a charity try a modern solution to transparency and choice that will hopefully lead to greater donor retention. Oxfam have created the very first app of its kind to allow its supporters to manage their donations quickly and without hassle.

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King IV report on Corporate Governance in SA

King IV: Bolder Than Ever

The King Committee published the King IV Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa 2016 (King IV) on 1 November 2016. King IV is effective in respect of financial years commencing on or after 1 April 2017. King IV replaces King III in its entirety.

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NLC announces permanent call for applications

Pretoria, 29 September 2016 – The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) introduces an open call for applications in October 2016, moving away from the previous model of “Call for Applications” for funding good causes.

The previous “Call for Applications” model permitted the NLC to accept applications only if they were submitted during the fixed window period (usually 3 months) annually. This often resulted in worthy and deserving causes not being able to access funding outside the fixed window period.

The open call on the other hand means that applications will be accepted throughout

Time to Recalibrate, Think! 2016 – Time to Recalibrate, Think!

“Acknowledgement to NGOPulse” Republished with permission from Ann Bown

In this article, the author shares her predictions for 2016 and few tips on how NGO leaders could sustain their development initiatives


The nonprofit sector is claiming it is entering another funding crisis yet not defining the root cause or coming up with a plan B or C. A business term for defining a crisis is: “A critical event or point of decision that, if not handled in an appropriate manner (or if not handled at all) may turn into a disaster or