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Successful fundraising isn’t about submitting numerous proposals. It’s about building numerous relationships. If your organisation is dependent on one major donor, you are either already in trouble, or heading towards it. Relationship focused fundraising increases income by as much as 40%.

Our Services

We offer NPO's a range of services such as:


Fundraising can be a lonely business! Our coaching sessions will keep you as the fundraiser on track as you navigate your way through the complex world of what your organisation expects of you, what your Board Members want, and what you can reasonably expect from donors. In these sessions, we will discuss your overall fundraising strategy (including corporate donors, social media, special events, parastatal funders) as well as relationship building with donors, and most importantly, proposal and report writing. This is your check-in, catch-up, reflect and plan session for the next week, as well as for the future.


We offer comprehensive fundraising services to a select group of non-profit organisations. Good and sustainable fundraising requires a wide variety of skills, including interpersonal, research, writing and management skills. A long-term project, it is also immensely satisfying and rewarding. We work in a close partnership with your management team, drawing up a fundraising strategy that best suits your organisation and implementing all aspects of this strategy, from donor research to contacting and organising meetings with donors, writing proposals and ongoing relationship-building over time. This is a service that is extremely close to our hearts as we witness, first-hand, how fundraising can vastly expand the mission and reach of our non-profits with whom we work.

Presentation & Workshops

Our presentations and workshops are one-day sessions in the form of group work. They are for as many staff and board members of your organisation as possible. We look at your organisation as a whole, establish a fundraising strategy if you don’t have one, or improve on your existing one. We dig into the murky despair that usually emerges at the mere thought of “fundraising” and accept that there is no silver bullet. Of course, there is a bright side. We outline the steps you need to follow to create sustainable funding solutions. We answer questions like, “What is fundraising?”, “Where do you find donors?”, “What do donors want?”, “How do I write a funding proposal?”, and “Can social media really help us?” These gaming-changing sessions will inspire you to work in a new and much more positive way.