The Prince Claus Fund call for applications for the Network Partnership Grant

The Prince Claus Fund is now accepting applications for the Network Partnership Grant from cultural organisations operating in Africa (Please note that only countries from these regions listed in the DAC List will be eligible to apply for this grant). The Fund and its Partners work together from the conceptualisation of the partnership to the execution and implementation of its projects. It is a partnership which goes beyond financial support, and thrives on the creative ideas and dialogue generated between the Fund and its Partners.

What is the Network Partnership?

The Network Partnership Grants are provided exclusively to cultural organisations for a period of 3 years.

The Network Partnership builds on the Prince Claus Fund’s 20 years’ experience in providing long-term financial support for exceptional cultural organisations. Over the past 15 years the Fund has supported 29 such organisations in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean through its Network Partnerships. Currently, the Fund supports 11 cultural organisations through a Network Partnership Grants. With these organisations we have developed joint programming to create activities within the local context that address the issues related to social development.

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