The Case for Joining SAIF

Top Ten Reasons for joining the Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising


Proclaim your professionalism Adding your name to the list of current SAIF fundraising professionals declares your pride in the profession you have chosen.


Advertise your integrity SAIF has a reputation for upholding high standards of ethics and business practice. Every member signs his/her adherence to the SAIF Code of Ethics, which is in line with the International Statement on Ethical Standards, (SAIF is one of the 24 global associations who have reached agreement on this Statement) and therefore you align yourself with like-minded practitioners of ethical fundraising around the world.


Advance your career SAIF members enjoy educational opportunities designed to increase knowledge and keep up with the newest trends in fundraising, both on international and local levels.


Further your cause The more you learn about the latest methods in fundraising, the better equipped you are to further the cause of the organization you represent.


Network with others who do what you do Making connections is an important part of fundraising and benefits the cause you represent. Meet others who can help you make those connections.


Advocate for your profession Serious-minded professionals know that serving the profession means responding to calls for action from those who represent the profession. Your membership strengthens SAIF in the roles of watchdog, lobbying and being the spokesbody for the profession.


Serve your profession Opportunities exists for individuals to serve on international, regional and local committees that work on a variety of issues from building the core body of fundraising knowledge to building the public trust in the philanthropic process.


Information Sharing and available resources Through collaboration with other professional organisations, SAIF can provide access to the resources you need to do your job.


Play a part in elevating the status of the fundraising profession Your membership of SAIF and your dedication to the ethical principles that guide the fundraising process elevates the entire profession.


Do it for YOURSELF! It's all about YOU, the fundraising professional. SAIF's programmes will help you get where you want to go. With thanks and acknowledgement to AFP