Member Benefits

Only individual fundraising practitioners can become members of SAIF. Membership belongs to you personally and therefore you retain your membership, providing you are in good standing, even if you move from one organisation to another.

Membership provides access to continuing professional development and educational opportunities locally and through SAIF's international connections.

No other fundraising organisation in Southern Africa offers you the professional representation that you get when you join SAIF.

Listed below are major benefits you'll receive when you join the Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising.

Professional development

  • SAIF's local branches offer you a chance to network and meet like-minded people by attending seminars, meetings, educational programmes and social events.
  • SAIF's Biennial Convention brings fundraising professional together to discuss, teach and learn about fundraising development issues on all levels.
  • SAIF Learning Centre teaches the basic skills that new professionals need. Courses include on-the-job references to such issues as ethics, case statements, proposal writing, annual giving, major gifts, and development office management. Advanced courses, intended for professionals with five years or more experience, will be phased-in in the near future in collaboration with other professional organisations, such as AFP and FET colleges. These will include the mechanics of a complete fundraising program, including planning, execution, and evaluation.

Information and research

The SAIF website is the main portal for the flow of information and members are encouraged to visit it regularly to keep informed. A members only gateway is being implemented as soon as possible and will be an important networking and resource tool. In the meantime, regular newsletters and e-mails are sent out to alert members to important news whether legislative, regulatory or informative.

SAIF undertakes research into matters affecting the profession and is regularly approached for advice on matters of employment.

Member discounts

SAIF offers a variety of member discounts negotiated with associated organisations, on behalf of members, that are advised as applicable. Member discounts are offered regularly on fees for courses, meetings and conferences.

When you're ready to join, download our application form online or ask for a membership application form available from the SAIF office and become a part of the community of professional fundraisers.

We look forward to receiving your application.